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Unwelcome guests

It started out to be a fun patio party on Sunday. I was still setting up about 4 p.m. when I heard a hissing sound, and with a quick investigation discovered a rattlesnake in the corner of the patio.

I called the Green Valley Fire District and within 5 minutes they were out and removed the critter.  All was fine, the party went on without a hitch, appetizers, beverages, main entree and dessert.

As the festivities went on it started getting a little chilly, so I got an extension cord to hook up the heat lamp. Then I heard what sounded like an electrical snapping, I was concerned and checked where the sound came from.  Then I saw it, the tail of the rattlesnake giving the traditional warning.


I got everyone away from the same patio corner area and went to make a phone call – I simply hit redial as I knew what was my last phone call.

In less than 5 minutes, the same Green Valley team responded and dispatched victim #2!

Well, that seemed to end the party but it will be remembered not for the decor, music, contest for best costume or dessert. No, it will be the party ending with a rattlesnake roundup!