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They helped!

On Sept. 6, my father fell in the Carl Jr’s handicapped parking space and was quickly assisted by three wonderful people: a couple whose names I unfortunately did not obtain, and Reyes from Big Lots in Sahuarita.

These three good people helped keep him comfortable as he lay on the hot pavement, kept him calm and called 911. Reyes called me to alert me to the situation.  When I arrived, I saw they had everything under control. They kept cars away from the parking space and reassured my dad all was being handled.  They stayed until the Green Valley Fire District had secured him in the ambulance.

The GVFD did their usual professional, courteous job handling my dad while he was in pain. I would also like to extend my appreciation to nurses, aides and therapists at Green Valley Hospital and Santa Rita Rehabilitation who also did a great job while he was in their care.  My dad is now home recuperating from a hip injury.

It is comforting to live in a community of caring, helpful people and excellent resources when a medical or accident emergency suddenly happens.

Juanita Razo, Green Valley