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The support was amazing! Thank you

During the days the Sawmill Fire raged in the Santa Rita Mountains, many folks showed their support to the firefighters on the line battling the blaze.  The Green Valley Fire District wishes to thank those who came by and dropped off donations of food, socks, water, wipes, sunscreen, chap-stick, baby powder and other items that firefighters needed during their deployment on the fire.

“The Elks Lodge came by and delivered 20 cases of protein bars, to be dispersed to our firefighters to help support their efforts after rehabbing from the Sawmill Fire. They were happy to help however they could.” reported Talia Carey, Administrative Manager for the GVFD.

In addition, others who donated that we were able to get their names were:

Yuri and Jade Hines, The Pantano Christian Church and Pat Kolwoski.

There were many, many more folks who just dropped by our various stations with bags full of supplies and well wishes to show their support.  To all, Thank You so much!