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Annexation Process and Benefits

What is annexation?
Annexation is the process in which a property or properties is brought into the fire district boundaries to receive services from our District.  This process is governed by Arizona Revised Statutes §48-262 which details the process of how an annexation occurs. 

What is a fire district?
Fire districts are special taxing districts and are independent of any city or county government. They provide service to multiple geographical areas which may include rural and unincorporated county areas and one or more municipalities.

The Green Valley Fire District was created in 1975 by a vote of the residents in the area. The homeowners wanted to have a voice in their fire and medical care and, at the same time, to monitor costs. Today, the Fire District now serves approximately 45 square miles with a population of nearly 45,000 residents. Current areas included within the Fire District are the communities of Green Valley and Sahuarita, as well as the surrounding areas.

The Fire District is governed by a five-member non-partisan board elected at large by the registered voters of the district. Board members are elected to alternating four-year terms, so there are at least two members elected every two years. The Board’s primary responsibilities include establishing policy and approving the annual budget.  The Board meets monthly on the last Wednesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. at the Fire District Headquarters located at 1285 West Camino Encanto.  Public participation is always encouraged.


What are the advantages of being part of a fire district?

Protecting Property
We stand ready to defend homes, businesses, and property from a variety of hazards. Our responders receive consistent and specialized training that includes technical rescue and hazardous materials in addition to fire suppression and incident command. We also integrate technology where it makes sense into our operations. We continually assess the risks in our community and prepare our responses to match them from strategically placed fire stations throughout the District.

Financial Saving and Value
By annexing into the Green Valley Fire District, lower property insurance premiums are likely.  Additionally, the ability to deduct Fire District taxes from your income tax is also possible. Finally, there is an increased ability to sell your home or land as you have dedicated fire protection services as some buyers will not be able to secure a mortgage or homeowner’s insurance without dedicated fire service protection.

Caring for our Community
Although we are always prepared to respond, it is our primary goal to prevent harm from happening in our District. Our Prevention and Safety team ensures new commercial construction is built with the last safety and fire codes in mind to keep those inside safe. We work tirelessly to educate our community on ways to stay safe through outreach and information programs.

Annexation into Green Valley Fire District is about protecting the safety of your family and home; therefore, we encourage you to learn more about annexation.  If you are interested in working with the Fire District on the annexation process, please contact the Fire District Administrative Offices at 520/625-9400 to learn the process.  We want to ensure you are equipped to make the right decision for your household and neighborhood.

Estimating your annual fire district taxes?
Limited Assessed: $22,500/100 = $225
Annual Taxes Due to the District: $225 * $2.71 = $610
You can find your limited assessed value by going online to and search for your property by entering your name, address, or parcel number in the Search area.