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North Sahuarita Annexation Information

Fire District Taxes copy

Step 1:  Find your limited assessed value by going online to and search for your property by entering your name, address, or parcel number in the Search area. 

Step 2:  Take your limited assessed value and divide the amount by 100.
Limited Assessed: $22,500/100 = $225

Step 3:  Take the amount that you got when you divided the assessed value by 100 then multiply the amount by $2.71 (GVFD Tax Rate 2.52 + Bond Rate .18)
Limited Assessed: $22,500/100 = $225
Annual Taxes Due to the District: $225 * $2.71 = $610


Recently, the Rural Metro Corporation has indicated their intention to stop providing fire services within the Town of Sahuarita based on inadequate funding streams to support their operations within the Town.  As part of this decision, Rural Metro has been working collaboratively with both the Green Valley Fire District and the Town of Sahuarita to ensure that the residents of Sahuarita are provided with appropriate emergency services and to ensure a transition plan is in place when they do leave. 

Currently, the Green Valley Fire District provides fire and emergency services to approximately half of the town (southern half of Sahuarita) and is considering annexing the remaining portion of the town as part of this transition plan.  As details regarding annexation develop, we will update this site with the latest information.  For a brief explanation of the annexation process and benefits, please CLICK HERE.

In the meantime, please see important notes below regarding this transition.

  • Rural Metro continues to service the northern portion of the Town of Sahuarita, including Rancho Sahuarita.
  • Details regarding Rural Metro subscriptions should be directed to Rural Metro’s Member Services Division at 800-645-9413 or 480-627-6200.
  • Should an annexation effort occur, it requires that petitions be circulated and signed by residents in the proposed annexation area.
  • Should an annexation effort occur, it would include all properties within the Town of Sahuarita, that are not currently being served by the Green Valley Fire District. There would not be an option to opt out of the annexation area. 
  • Should an annexation effort occur, and be successful, then property owners would pay for services through their property taxes, which in many cases are deductible from your income taxes.
  • Annexations are governed under Arizona Revised Statue 48-262.