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Mountaintop Experience

May 21 was a perfect morning on the Super Trail in Madera Canyon where I was hiking with my sister, Jane.

Suddenly, my shoe slipped on gravel and I went down, jamming my left foot into a rock. When I was done screaming, we called 911.

My call was immediately forwarded to Pima County Search and Rescue. The deputy was extremely kind and reassuring. He quickly coordinated the resources necessary to get me off the trail.

Personnel from the Green Valley Fire District, Pima County Sheriff’s Office and American Medical Response converged on the canyon. Soon they had me on a rolling stretcher and safely into a waiting ambulance.

Thomas Beckel of the Green Valley Fire District even drove my sister home. There were many people involved and multiple agencies working together to get me off the trail. I want them all to know how very grateful I am for their help. Our community is so fortunate to have them.

Mary Fisher, Sahuarita