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Help is here

Many thanks for your publication of Kitty Bottemiller’s article on preparing your home when leaving for the summer (“Outta here!” April 2, Page A1). I will keep it on hand in the event I plan to leave town for a few days this summer. But what I really want to thank you for is the phone number to call for the Green Valley Fire Corps volunteers.

Recently, I was inattentive enough to burn something in my oven. The house filled with smoke and the smoke detector did not go off. Well, that was a wake-up call. When I saw that number (520-393-7505), I sat up and took notice. And I called and was able to set up an appointment for the next day because of a cancellation. I was also told they would not only replace a battery, if necessary, but they would clean the device out and would replace outdated or inoperative smoke detectors. They would charge only for the cost of materials.


Two lovely gentlemen, Mike Walker and George Johnson, showed up the next morning after giving me a call. They brought a ladder, climbed up, took the device down and let me know it was more than 10 years old (probably 20) and advised me they could put in a new one for $20. They did it and told me that in two years it would be time to check the battery.

It is a great service. They bring all the materials with them. They climb the ladder. They leave you safer and not sorry they came. Thank you, GV Fire Corps volunteers. And thanks to the Green Valley News for a really helpful article.

Mary H. Levine, Green Valley