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About Green Valley Fire District


Established in 1975, the Green Valley Fire District provides a wide variety of protection and emergency services to a suburban and rural area of more than 35,000 constituents. Originally serving a primarily senior population, the GVFD’s 45 square mile area now encompasses a more diverse population that includes young professionals and families, within Green Valley, portions of the Town of Sahuarita. The District is governed by five publicly elected officials. GVFD operates out of 4 stations covering both residential and commercial areas, and maintains optimum response times.

GVFD enjoys a good  relationship with its District residents, established over many years through effective, highly responsive services and community interaction which has developed into a mutual respect.  Pest removal, smoke detector checks, educational programs for adults and children, the Fire Corps program, CERT training and participation in local community events are all part of the District’s significant non-emergency role in the community.

“To Provide” – Conveys our energy & dynamic effort in fulfilling a vital role in the community.

“Our Community” – The reason for our existence. We recognize that our citizens are also our customers and that they expect excellence in all we do. Our commitment is to maintain a positive, cohesive and effective relationship with the community.

“Proactive” – We will meet the current needs of the Fire District while having a vigilant eye on the future. We will anticipate, plan for and act on the future needs of the District.

“Fire & Emergency Medical Services” – The core of our existence. We place a high priority on firefighter safety & training, extensive fire prevention activities & quality community education. As professionals, we dedicate ourselves to delivering exemplary emergency service.

“Compassion” – Service above self. We shall deliver a level of customer service beyond reproach. We understand that we are there to solve a problem no matter how small. Our caring and concern is genuine. We shall act as the patient’s advocate at all times. We will be there to help even after the fire is extinguished.

“Competence” – We shall strive to exceed standards at all levels. We will accomplish this through training, education, and participation in professional organizations. We shall build positive relationships with other fire & EMS departments and across professional disciplines to increase our knowledge and skills.

“Character” – Everything we do is with integrity. We hold a deep respect for our unique population. We shall earn and maintain the community’s trust. Respect & trust among our peers come from a shared dedication to high ideals.

“Fiscal Responsibility”– We share a critical role in providing our citizens with the highest possible value for their hard-earned income.