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Welcome to the Green Valley Fire District

Our organization values the relationship we have with our communities and works hard to ensure we don’t violate the trust or confidence you have placed in us.

As our customer, we strive to exceed your expectations with every encounter we have.  Your input is important to our success, and we value your feedback.  My contact information is listed below.  Please let me know when we exceed your expectations, or if you have suggestions on how we can continue to improve our service delivery.


Chuck Wunder, MSL, EFO, CFO

Fire Chief


Some Helpful Information about Fire Extinguishers

Desert Pests


Know Your Snakes


RATTLESNAKE – triangular head, noticeably larger than the neck, thick, dull non-glossy body, tail blunt with one or more rattles.

GOPHER SNAKE – head slightly larger than body, slender body, pointed tail.


Warning Signs:

You may hear the rattlesnake before you see it.  A rapid vibration of its tail makes a buzz much like sizzling grease. This is how the rattlesnake warns you when it feels threatened by your presence.

The gopher snake makes a sound similar to a rattlesnake by hissing and rapidly moving its tail in dry grass or leaves. If you hear either of these warning signals, stop until you’ve located the snake,  then slowly move away.


All snakes can bite if abused, but the rattlesnake is the most venomous snake in our area. If you see a rattlesnake, maintain a distance. CAUTION: For your safety and that of the snake, do not attempt to handle, relocate, or harass any snakes.

The dangers of snakebite are not to be taken lightly. While the bite of a gopher snake may not be serious, rattlesnake bite require medical attention as soon as possible and may result in permanent tissue damage. The danger of death is often exaggerated.

What do to in snake country:

1.   Look at the ground ahead of you as you are walking.

2.   Avoid placing your hands and feet where you can’t see clearly.

3.   Scan the immediate area around patio furniture and barbecues before using them.

4.   Be especially careful around landscape and potted plants.

5.    If you find a rattlesnake, notify the Fire Department, 520-629-9200, and keep an eye on the snake until they arrive.

6.   If you see a snake you can’t identify, give it plenty of room and leave it alone.

What to do if bitten by a snake:

1.   If bitten by a rattlesnake, stay calm and CALL 911. The victim should remain calm by laying down with the affected limb lower that the heart. DO NOT waste precious time on constriction tourniquets, “cutting and sucking,” or snake bite kits. These methods often cause more damage.

2.   If bitten by any other type of snake, leave the snake alone, wash the wound with soap and water or an antiseptic and seek medical attention.



Green Valley Fire District - Compassion, Competence and Character

We like to post comments that we receive that reflect the service our members provide to our community.  It is our hope, and overarching goal, that we provide the best, most compassionate service possible in each and every call for service we respond to.  One of our customers responded to our survey with the following:

Which type of response did you receive from the Green Valley Fire District?
Fire Corps Services//Smoke Alarms, Batteries, Lockboxes
What was your date of service with GVFD?
Please indicate how you would rate the timeliness of RESPONSE you received from the GVFD.
Please indicate how you would rate the QUALITY of service you received from GVFD.
Please indicate how you would rate the level of CUSTOMER SERVICE you received from GVFD.
Please indicate how you would rate your OVERALL EXPERIENCE with GVFD.

Additional Comments or Suggestions
Crew shift 152-A Were absolutely FANTASTIC! New to GV, they not only helped me when I locked myself out of my home, they also used the opportunity to educate me on the GV FireDistrict services!! Well Done!!!

Thank you very much Mr Lopez, Mr Schroeder & Mr Schotz for being my knights in shinning armour!

Kathleen Kasper

Come Join Our Fire Corps Team

Are you looking for something fun to do while helping your fellow Green Valley neighbors stay safe in their homes? Well Fire Corps may be just what you’re looking for!

The continued growth of our wildly successful; smoke alarm and battery replacement programs, rapid entry lock-box installation, desert pest relocation, administrative support for the Fire District, and community fall prevention services have created the need to find more men and women volunteers.

Fire Corps volunteers provide non-emergency support to the Green Valley Fire District saving GVFD over $200,000 each year and have a great time doing it.

Volunteers receive extensive classroom and field training in all functions. There are positions available that will cater to your specific interests and skills. Join our outstanding cadre of friendly, community minded volunteers and help keep Green Valley safe.

To join, call the Green Valley Fire District Community Services Division at 520-625 9438. We would like to talk to you!

Learn More



If you are looking for a fun, exciting career

the Green Valley Fire District invites you to take a deeper look at us and apply today!  Fill out an Interest Card under the “About” link, then go to “Employment”.  We’ll contact you when the next process begins.

Job Interest Form
Thank You for considering the Green Valley Fire District!
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